Best hashtags to use on Instagram

In today’s world, Instagram is a big deal for marketing. It has over a billion people using it every month, so businesses and regular folks can’t ignore it.

Whether you want to be famous, run a small business, or share your hobbies, Instagram has a lot of people you can reach.

But with so much stuff being posted all the time, how do you make sure your posts get noticed by the right people? The answer is using the right hashtags.

What Are Hashtags and Why Are They Important?

Hashtags aren’t just random words with a “#” in front of them. They’re powerful tools that help more people see your Instagram posts.

When you use hashtags well, they sort your posts into categories, so people who are interested in those categories can find your posts.

Think of them like signposts that guide new followers and customers to your profile.

Instagram hashtags are important for several reasons:

  1. Discoverability: Hashtags help your content reach a broader audience. When users search or click on a hashtag, they can see all posts containing that hashtag, increasing the visibility of your content to people interested in those topics.
  2. Audience Engagement: Relevant hashtags connect you with users who share similar interests. This can lead to more likes, comments, and follows as you engage with a community interested in your content.
  3. Content Categorization: Hashtags categorize your content, making it easier for both you and your followers to organize and find specific types of posts or content themes.

What Makes Up a Hashtag?

Before we talk about using hashtags, let’s understand what they’re made of. A hashtag can have letters, numbers, and underscores but no spaces or special characters.

It has to start with “#” followed by the keyword or phrase. For example, #TravelGoals or #HealthyEating.

How to Find Best or Popular Hashtags

The first step in using hashtags that rank or boost your post is to do some research. Figure out the keywords and phrases that relate to your posts.

Find popular hashtags for your content/image/posts using Instagram’s search feature, then research their level of popularity. You can also find good hashtags and check how many people they reach with the use of tools like Hashtagify and RiteTag.

Should You Use Popular or Niche Hashtags?

Nowadays, it can be trending to use hashtags with millions of posts, and you must find a balance and use that keyword that is good for you.

While highly trending hashtags may boost the number of people who see your posts/images/message, they may also lead it to become lost in the ocean of other posts because of the large no of people using those hashtags.

Using a mix of popular and unique hashtags could help you engage with a more targeted audience who is more interested in what you’re posting.

Creating Your Hashtags

To make your mark on Instagram, think about creating unique hashtags related to your posts or business. Encourage your followers to use them when they post about your content. These custom hashtags can build a sense of community and loyalty among your audience.

Where to Put Your Hashtags

Where you put your hashtags matters. You can add them in the caption, but many people prefer to put them in the first comment to keep the caption clean and neat.

Try both ways and see what your audience likes best.

How Many Hashtags to Use

You aren’t limited to using limited hashtags; you can use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows for each post. According to research, the ideal number for gaining interaction on a post is between 5 and 11 hashtags.

But you can research and create hashtags for your post or image that help you boost public interaction all over the world. Try several things to see what suits you best.

Checking How Well Your Hashtags Work

It’s important to keep an eye on how your hashtags are doing work. Look at things like how many people see your posts, how often they’re viewed, and how much people interact with them.

This data helps you improve your hashtag strategy over time and also helps to boost your post interaction around the world and figure out which ones bring the best results.

Using Trending Hashtags and Seasonal Trends

Stay updated on social media and research well about trending hashtags and popular hashtags and use them when they’re relevant.

Posting about current events, holidays, or trends can boost your visibility and engagement.

Avoiding Bad Hashtags

Instagram has rules about hashtags, and using banned or inappropriate ones can hide your content or get your account in trouble.

Make sure you know Instagram’s rules and avoid using hashtags that break them.

Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Use hashtags in your Instagram Stories; don’t forget to do so. They can help more people discover your stories and engage with them. You can also hide hashtags by making them the same color as your background.

Using Hashtags in Your Profile

Instagram lets you put hashtags in your bio. Use this space wisely to highlight your brand, mission, or important keywords related to your content.

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